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Great food needs great spice-infused cooking, like only Waghmare Spice Powders & Blends can rouse!

Because spices make the backbone of the recipe, your food won’t taste anything close if it doesn’t have the right spices, ground and blended in right proportions to catch the right flavors.

And since our routine won’t even begin if the kitchen doesn’t set the wheels in motion, it’s vital to get our own culinary cabalist in there. And here’s where Waghmare Masala (Spice) Powders by Waghmare Food Products Pvt. Ltd. come into play.


Authentic Masale


Traditional Taste


Variety, for you need a different spice to get a life!


For pure and perfect spice powders & blends, we rely on only the best raw materials and seeds that are ground/pulverized, blended/mixed and sterilized using supreme hygienic and sophisticated machine technology.


Refined material and right technique confer great taste to the spices, capable of intensifying your whole food experience. Waghmare Spices indeed bring excitement to your otherwise monotonous cooking chore!


Our products are available everywhere, from small food stores to big supermarkets. You can also order Waghmare Spices from the comfort of your home. Just go online, place order, and get the delivery at home in no time!


Our creations are sure going to add spice to your cooking, and your life! We also welcome your tips and advice on how and what we can do more to improve your everyday cooking, because your satisfaction is our ultimate goal!


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Waghmare Foods Presents ...

Best and Healthy Authentic Indian Masale
to Make Food Tasty.

Waghmare Mutton Masala

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