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Because spices make the backbone of the recipe, your food won’t taste anything close if it doesn’t have the right spices, ground and blended in right proportions to catch the right flavors. And since our routine won’t even begin if the kitchen doesn’t set the wheels in motion, it’s vital to get our own culinary cabalist in there. And here’s where Waghmare Masala (Spice) Powders by Waghmare Food Products Pvt. Ltd. come into play.
Shree Waghmare Products was started as a cottage industry 35 years ago by Shri Krishnarao Kashinath Waghmare.
We are a closely owned Private Limited Company today, headed by Sarang Waghmare. All this has been possible because we understand the power of spices – their knack to turn around the menu! It’s almost magical to see how spices create flavoured dishes and bring people close over meals! This is why our team at Waghmare focus on making the most of the mystery of spices to produce rich and creative flavours that can enhance your cooking style, enriching your life too in the process!
So acquire the taste of your Grandma’s hands at last, as Waghmare Spice Powders follow her secret!



Established 1964 started from home by Krishna Rao Waghmare with help of his wife Smt Pramilabai Waghmare.

1968 he started a grocery shop at mahal, from where masala started getting more recognition.

1977 with guidance from his father shri Krishna Rao Waghmare his son shri Prakash Waghmare started a proprietorship firm from residence and started packaging of product and all family members use to contribute in making and packaging of products.

1987 started factory at gangabai ghat with his brother Shri Umesh Waghmare as partner.

2006 started at kapsi and reshaped company as Pvt ltd.
Now Waghmare Masale is in its 3rd generation.

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