Varhadi Chicken Masala


  • VARHADI CHICKEN MASALA is traditional, authentic spices blend.
  • It is not curry powder.
  • Which mix to get a subtle taste and royal aroma in a dish.
  • Recipe
  • Description


To cook 500g of chicken  in a cooker till it become soft. Keep in a side Heat a heavy bottom pot or cooker with oil, Add chopped Onion, 1 tsp ginger garlic paste, sauté evenly until golden.  Add 2 tomato puree and 1& 1/2 tsp Varhardi  chicken Masala, chilli powder, turmeric powder and salt as per test  mix it well. Adding the chicken kept in a side, cover and cook for another 10 min. keep stirring occasionally. Add sufficient quantity of water for gravy. After cooking add 1 tsp. of Varhadi  chickent Masala and keep it covered on a low flame.  After 10 minutes garnish with fresh chopped coriander leaves and Serve.



Coriander, Red Chilli, Bay Leaf, Mustard, Cumin, Dried Mint Leaves, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Star Anis, Black Pepper, Stone flower, Clove, Dry ginger, Dry garlic, Nutmeg, Chanadal, Salt, Coconut, Caraway.



Meat Preparations.